Welcome to Newcastle's Kiteschool.com.au

Kiteboarding is a sport that can be enjoyed in many locations around the world and in many ways. You can kiteboard in waves or flat water, with light or stronger wind if you have the right equipment and essential skill level and knowledge. We have great weather in Newcastle, Australia, especially over summer!

We use the latest in boards and kites, techniques, and learning methods to make your progression through the learning stages of kiteboarding enjoyable, rapid, and as safe as possible.

What equipment do you need to kitesurf?

Complete equipment includes a board, a kite, a control bar with safety systems, a set of lines, a harness, a helmet and a life vest. You might need a wetsuit or a rash vest according to the weather conditions.

What is the aspect ratio of a kite?

It is the ratio between the width (or chord) of the kite and its wingspan. A kite with a high aspect ratio is a bit harder to use but is usually more efficient.

What is the expected lifespan of a kite?

It all depends on the maintenance and how often it is used. A kite that is rinsed after every use, stored only if dry and not exposed to the sun can last for at least 4 years. Pay attention to key points and check everything in detail before buying a second hand kite.

Where do you buy kitesurfing gear?

There are thousands of kite shops worldwide, as well as online shops. We recommend: Kiteworks Australia

Where do you find other kite surfers?

Most often, especially over summer, anywhere on the coast if there is a town or a city nearby and the wind is blowing and the sun is shining you will find kitesurfers out on the water enjoying themselves. There are many clubs and associations in Australia for kitesurfing. The Newcastle kite surfing club is a great community.

What size board should you use?

Bigger and wider boards are better to start with so chose a board that is at least 150cm long. The bigger the board, the less power you will need, thus the less risk you will take.